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Note: GP stands for Greenland style paddle, EP for the common kayak paddle (curiously referred to as a Euro paddle in the U.S.). Unless otherwise specified I am talking about EP's.




Generally I like the durability, design, and weight of Werner's best paddles. However I feel the current model has a significant design flaw that should not exist in something that costs so much. The joint release button is much too easy to trip while paddling. I ended up with a paddle that came apart while upside down in a whirlpool and chose to bail out rather than let go of either paddle piece. I have talked to others with the same issue. The solution is to either tape the paddle together, choose another brand, or go with a one piece paddle until Werner redesigns their product. Previous Werner paddles (fixed feather angle) do not have this problem. When it comes time for a new paddle I will probably look at what the competition has to offer (i.e. Lendal, Epic, Aqua-Bound).


While some can make beautiful wood paddles (EP) , they are always heavier and often more fragile than a good carbon paddle. I choose not to make EP's, but that does not mean you should not. Many paddlers, however, do make their own GP's, myself included. Western red cedar makes a nice light paddle, but it is more fragile than I like for serious paddling. Durable GP's are made from wood that is not very light. To get a GP I can trust I would probably buy a Superior, or make my own carbon version.
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