Redfish Golden

Finally, the Redfish Golden is ready for the water. Here are thumbnail links to larger photos.

Hull stapled  Stripped  Painted

Painted from rear quarter  Finished rear view  Finished front view

 Bow details  Cockpit details   Cockpit details

Bottom surprise  

Construction Notes:


The Golden has a lot in common with it's bigger brother the King, but as expected it is more maneuverable and has less glide. It rolls easily, edges well, and catches waves even better than the King. I had it out once in three foot wind waves and felt it did not have enough tracking for downwind work so I added an adjustable skeg. That has worked out great. It is a fun boat that has become my current favorite for playing around. With two layers of s-glass top and bottom it weighs around 45 pounds completely outfit, 11 more than my King. It feels rock hard and should prove to be tough. 12 ounces of s-glass is about the same as 16 ounce of e-glass.


Staple construction and cove and bead strips suck! There, I said it. I won't use them again. Staples lead to at least a marginally heavier boat and don't save much labor for me. Cove and bead creates as many problems as it solves and the coves are fragile. Perhaps cove and bead is more useful on a boat with gentle curves, but I still don't like them.

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