What's Inside a Camera

My old Nikon 8008 film camera has been sitting around taking up space for years and one day I decided what the heck, I wonder if anything interesting is inside. One thing led to another and now I have a large pile of parts, 1,070 pieces in all. There's quite a lot of stuff in a SLR, and very densely packed, wrapped, and folded. I have counted 204 screws, 54 springs, 33 washers, 52 gears, 19 circlips, 411 unclassified small parts, 80 medium sized parts, 4 motors, 11 large parts, 10 printed circuits, 141 electronic components, and 51 wires. That's 1070 components to make a camera. Unsurprisingly most parts are quite small. Some are really small, on the order of .5 mm.